Sandrine Morgante

(Belgium, °1986)

My body of work spans across drawings, paintings, digital installations and sound devices. Taking speech acts and writings as central subjects, I investigate the ability of language to communicate thoughts through or in spite of the interference of emotional life.

The verbal and textual objects I decide to investigate could come from different sources : a novel, a casual conversation, an official archive or my own writing. I consider text or writings as a visual matter : the way the words are displayed, the aesthetic of the handwriting disclose a path of thought, a context, a relationship, an identity.

I process by giving a deep, analytical and even obsessional attention to the chosen text, with the intent of giving a visual shape to something that appears to me as a never-ending source of thoughts and speech.

On the other hand, as the favorite organ of speech, the symbolic presence of the mouth runs through several of my works.


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